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Publication in International/National Journal

Sr No. Authors Article Title Journal Name
01 Solanki, DN; Bambhaniya, P; Dey, D; Joshi, PS; Pathak, KN Shadows and precession of orbits in rotating Janis-Newman-Winicour spacetime EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C82 (2022) 77
02 Raval, AV; Shaikh, IA; Doshi, YN; Shastri, NM; Saini, LK; Shah, DV Nano-crystalline tin selenide thin films: synthesis and characterization MATERIALS TODAY CHEMISTRY 24 (2022) 100762
03 Rajput, K; He, J; Frauenheim, T; Roy, DR Monolayer PC3: A promising material for environmentally toxic nitrogen-containing multi gases JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS 422 (2022) 126761
04 Rajput, K; Mehta, BR; Kleinekathofer, U; Frauenheim, T; Roy, DR Group three nitride clusters as promising components for nanoelectronics MATERIALS TODAY CHEMISTRY 23 (2022) 100751
05 Shah, EV; Kleinekathofer, U; Frauenheim, T; Roy, DR Transverse electronic transport through nucleobase-pairs of a DNA wire MATERIALS TODAY CHEMISTRY 24 (2022) 100834
06 Rajput, K; Kumar, V; Roy, DR Two-Dimensional lithium fluoride (LiF) as an efficient hydrogen storage material APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 581 (2022) 151776
07 Chaudhari, VP; Rajput, K; Roy, SM; Chaudhuri, TK; Roy, DR Experimental and first-principles investigation on the structural, electronic and antimicrobial properties of nickel hydroxide nanoparticles JOURNAL OF PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF SOLIDS 160 (2022) 110367
08 Sharma, BK; Mehta, BR; Chaudhari, VP; Shah, ESV; Roy, SM; Roy, DR Green Synthesis of Dense Rock MgO Nanoparticles Using Carica Papaya Leaf Extract and its Shape Dependent Antimicrobial Activity: Joint Experimental and DFT Investigation JOURNAL OF CLUSTER SCIENCE In Press (2022), doi: 10.1007/s10876-021-02090-9
09 Sharma, BK; Mehta, BR; Shah, EV; Chaudhari, VP; Roy, DR; Roy, SM Green Synthesis of Triangular ZnO Nanoparticles Using Azadirachta indica Leaf Extract and Its Shape Dependency for Significant Antimicrobial Activity: Joint Experimental and Theoretical Investigation JOURNAL OF CLUSTER SCIENCE In Press (2022), doi: 10.1007/s10876-021-02145-x
10 Kakadiya, A; Shah, Z; Gandhi, K; Rai, AK Spectra and Decay Properties of Lambda(b) and Sigma(b) Baryons FEW-BODY SYSTEMS 63 (2022) 29
11 Pansuriya, T; Malani, R; Kheraj, V Investigations on the effect of buffer layer on CMTS based thin film solar cell using SCAPS 1-D OPTICAL MATERIALS 126 (2022) 112150
12 Oudichhya, J; Gandhi, K; Rai, AK Mass spectra of Xi( cc ), Xi( bc ), omega( cc ), and omega( bc ) baryons in Regge phenomenology PHYSICA SCRIPTA 97 (2022) 54001
13 Purohit, KR; Jakhad, P; Rai, AK Quarkonium spectroscopy of the linear plus modified Yukawa potential PHYSICA SCRIPTA 97 (2022) 44002
14 Kher, V; Chaturvedi, R; Devlani, N; Rai, AK Bottomonium spectroscopy using Coulomb plus linear (Cornell) potential EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL PLUS 137 (2022) 357
15 Patel, D; Ray, D; Tiwari, S; Kuperkar, K; Aswal, VK; Bahadur, P SDS triggered transformation of highly hydrophobic Pluronics (R) nanoaggregate into polymer-rich and surfactant-rich mixed micelles JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR LIQUIDS 345 (2022) 117812
16 Mohanto, G; Rout, PC; Ramachandran, K; Mahata, K; Mirgule, ET; Srinivasan, B; Kundu, A; Baishya, A; Gandhi, R; Santhosh, T; Pal, A; Joshi, S; Santra, S; Patel, D; Patil, PN; Behera, SP; Yashwantrao, P; Mishra, NK; Dutta, D; Saxena, A; Nayak, BK Probing collective enhancement in nuclear level density with evaporation alpha particle spectra PHYSICAL REVIEW C 105 (2022) 034607
17 Mahida, HR; Patel, A; Singh, D; Sonvane, Y; Thakor, PB; Ahuja, R First-principles calculations to investigate electronic structure and optical properties of 2D MgCl2 monolayer SUPERLATTICES AND MICROSTRUCTURES 162 (2022) 107132
18 Jangir, AK; Bhawna; Verma, G; Pandey, S; Kuperkar, K Design and thermophysical characterization of betaine hydrochloride-based deep eutectic solvents as a new platform for CO2 capture NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY 46 (2022) 5332
19 Joshi, C; Kumawat, H; Singh, RK; Singh, NL; Patel, D; Nayak, BK; Acharya, J; Parihari, A; Rani, K; Sharma, SD; Kaur, G; Ahmed, I; Golda, KS; Saneesh, N; Kumar, M; Jhingan, A; Sugathan, P Exploring breakup coupling effect in Li-7+Mo-92,Mo-100 elastic scattering around Coulomb barrier energies EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL A 58 (2022) 40
20 Oudichhya, J; Gandhi, K; Rai, AK Mass-spectra of singly, doubly, and triply bottom baryons PHYSICAL REVIEW D 104 (2021) 114027
21 Upadhyay, SK; Saini, LK Drag resistivity in bilayer-graphene/GaAs coupled layer system with the effect of local field corrections EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL PLUS 136 (2021) 433
22 Sondarva, SJ; Shah, DV The electrical modulus, conductivity and dielectric properties of Mn3TeO6 multiferroic compound JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS 859 (2021) 157773
23 Shah, Z; Kakadiya, A; Gandhi, K; Rai, AK Properties of Doubly Heavy Baryons UNIVERSE 7 (2021) 337
24 Menapara, C; Shah, Z; Rai, AK Spectroscopic properties of Delta baryons CHINESE PHYSICS C 45 (2021) 23102
25 Kumar, P; Rajput, K; Roy, DR First principle investigation on 2D beryllium chalcogenides for thermoelectric and optical applications JOURNAL OF PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF SOLIDS 164 (2021) 110619
26 Oudichhya, J; Gandhi, K; Rai, AK Ground and excited state masses of Omega Omega baryons PHYSICAL REVIEW D 103 (2021) 114030
27 Upadhyay, SK; Saini, LK Coulomb drag study in graphene/GaAs bilayer system with the effect of local field correction and dielectric medium PHYSICA E-LOW-DIMENSIONAL SYSTEMS & NANOSTRUCTURES 127 (2021) 114484
28 Upadhyay, SK; Saini, LK Study of drag resistivity in dielectric medium with the correlations effect APPLIED PHYSICS A-MATERIALS SCIENCE & PROCESSING 127 (2021) 276
29 Kumar, V; Roy, DR Strain-induced electronic, stability and enhancement of thermoelectric performance of 2D Si2C3 monolayer: An emerging material for renewable energy PHYSICA E-LOW-DIMENSIONAL SYSTEMS & NANOSTRUCTURES 132 (2021) 114769
30 Sondarva, SJ; Shah, DV Temperature-dependent conduction mechanism in Mn3TeO6 multiferroic compound prepared by solid-state reaction method JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICS 32 (2021) 18057
31 Gandhi, K; Rai, AK Strong decay analysis of excited nonstrange charmed mesons: implications for spectroscopy EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL A 57 (2021) 23
32 Kumar, P; Rajput, K; Roy, DR Structural, vibrational, electronic, elastic and thermoelectric properties of monolayer alkali halide compounds from first principles investigation MATERIALS TODAY COMMUNICATIONS 29 (2021) 102855
33 Menapara, C; Rai, AK Spectroscopic investigation of light strange S =-1 Lambda and Sigma and S =-2 Xi baryons CHINESE PHYSICS C 45 (2021) 63108
34 Upadhyay, SK; Saini, LK Study of coulomb drag with the effect of local field correction and dielectric medium PHYSICA B-CONDENSED MATTER 614 (2021) 412982
35 Tiwari, R; Rathaud, DP; Rai, AK Mass-spectroscopy of [bb][(b)over-bar(b)over-bar] and [bq][(b)over-bar(q)over-bar] tetraquark states in a diquark-antidiquark formalism EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL A 57 (2021) 289
36 Purohit, KR; Parmar, RH; Rai, AK Energy and momentum eigenspectrum of the Hulthen-screened cosine Kratzer potential using proper quantization rule and SUSYQM method JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR MODELING 27 (2021) 358
37 Purohit, KR; Parmar, RH; Rai, AK Bound state solution and thermodynamic properties of the screened cosine Kratzer potential under influence of the magnetic field and Aharanov-Bohm flux field ANNALS OF PHYSICS 424 (2021) 168335
38 Somaiya, RN; Sonvane, Y; Gupta, SK Exploring the transport and optoelectronic properties of silicon diselenide monolayer SUPERLATTICES AND MICROSTRUCTURES 150 (2021) 106813
39 Kumar, P; Rajput, K; Roy, DR Structural, electronic, vibrational, mechanical and thermoelectric properties of 2D and bulk BaX (X=O, S, Se and Te) series under DFT and BTE framework PHYSICA E-LOW-DIMENSIONAL SYSTEMS & NANOSTRUCTURES 127 (2021) 114523
40 Somaiya, RN; Sonvane, Y; Gupta, SK Van der waals SiSe2 homo-bilayers for optoelectronics applications SUPERLATTICES AND MICROSTRUCTURES 152 (2021) 106858
41 Rathaud, DP; Tiwari, R; Rai, AK Interaction and identification of meson-baryon molecule INDIAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 95 (2021) 2807
42 Patel, V; Gandhi, K; Rai, AK Interpreting Charm-Strange Mesons with a Screened Potential Model FEW-BODY SYSTEMS
43 Patel, V; Chaturvedi, R; Rai, AK Spectroscopic properties of D-meson using screened potential EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL PLUS 136 (2021) 42
44 Jariwala, A; Chaudhuri, TK; Toshniwal, A; Kheraj, V; Patel, B; Ray, A; Mukhopadhyay, I SnS and SnS2 films by direct-coating from same molecular ink MATERIALS SCIENCE IN SEMICONDUCTOR PROCESSING 131 (2021) 105852
45 Rajput, K; Kumar, V; Thomas, S; Zaeem, MA; Roy, DR Ca2C MXene monolayer as a superior anode for metal-ion batteries 2D MATERIALS 8 (2021) 35015
46 Patel, VR; Patel, A; Sonvane, Y; Thakor, PB Optoelectronic properties of 2D heterojunction ZrO2- MoS2 material using first-principles calculations SOLID STATE COMMUNICATIONS 334 (2021) 114358
47 Patel, D; Agarwal, S; Ray, D; Kuperkar, K; Aswal, VK; Bahadur, P An expedient in to the phase behaviour and scattering profile in PEO-PPO-PEO block copolymer mixed systems in aqueous solution COLLOIDS AND SURFACES A-PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING ASPECTS 617 (2021) 126330
48 Kumar, V; Bano, A; Rajput, K; Roy, DR The interaction of two-dimensional P2SiS nanosheet with environmental toxic NCG molecules for sensor application: A DFT study SENSORS AND ACTUATORS A-PHYSICAL 322 (2021) 112608
49 Patel, D; Patel, D; Ray, D; Kuperkar, K; Aswal, VK; Bahadur, P Single and mixed Pluronics (R) micelles with solubilized hydrophobic additives: Underscoring the aqueous solution demeanor and micellar transition JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR LIQUIDS 343 (2021) 117625
50 Kumar, V; Bano, A; Roy, DR First-Principles Calculations of SiBi Nanosheets as Sensors for Oxygen-Containing Gases ACS APPLIED NANO MATERIALS 4 (2021) 2440
51 Kumar, V; Rajput, K; Roy, DR Electric field-induced band modulation of predicted ternary 2D MXC3 [M:X = As:Ge, Sb:Sn and Bi:Pb] with strong stability and optical properties CARBON 172 (2021) 791
52 Kansara, S; Gupta, SK; Sonvane, Y; Gajjar, PN Ultrathin Pd and Pt nanowires for potential applications as hydrogen economy MATERIALS TODAY COMMUNICATIONS 26 (2021) 101761
53 Karmakar, M; Sengupta, S; Patel, B Excitation of electrostatic standing wave in the superposition of two counter propagating relativistic whistler waves PHYSICA SCRIPTA 96 (2021) 125620
54 Pandey, H; Kumar, M; Tripathi, D; Pandey, S A novel approach to enhance the superconducting properties of La1.85Sr0.15CuO4 by inserting Mott insulator Sr2IrO4 MATERIALS TODAY COMMUNICATIONS 29 (2021) 102936
55 Kumar, V; Dey, A; Thomas, S; Zaeem, MA; Roy, DR Hydrogen-induced tunable electronic and optical properties of a two-dimensional penta-Pt2N4 monolayer PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 23 (2021) 10409
56 Singh, S; Singh, A; Prajapati, A; Pathak, KN Deep learning for estimating parameters of gravitational waves MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY 508 (2021) 1358
57 Kumar, V; Azhikodan, D; Roy, DR 2D Sb2C3 monolayer: A promising material for the recyclable gas sensor for environmentally toxic nitrogen-containing gases (NCGs) JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS 405 (2021) 124168
58 Somaiya, RN; Singh, D; Sonvane, Y; Gupta, SK; Ahuja, R Potential SiX (X = N, P, As, Sb, Bi) homo-bilayers for visible-light photocatalyst applications CATALYSIS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 11 (2021) 4996
59 Patel, D; Jana, R; Lin, MH; Kuperkar, K; Seth, D; Chen, LJ; Bahadur, P Revisiting the salt-triggered self-assembly in very hydrophilic triblock copolymer Pluronic (R) F88 using multitechnique approach COLLOID AND POLYMER SCIENCE 299 (2021) 1113
60 Mahida, HR; Singh, D; Sonvane, Y; Gupta, SK; Thakor, PB; Ahuja, R Hydrogenation and oxidation enhances the thermoelectric performance of Si2BN monolayer NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY 45 (2021) 3892
61 Singh, S; Sonvane, Y; Nekrasov, KA; Boyarchenkov, AS; Kupryazhkin, AY; Gajjar, PN; Gupta, SK Ab-initio investigation of crystal structure and pressure induced phase transition in ThO2 and PuO2 MATERIALS TODAY COMMUNICATIONS 28 (2021) 102579
62 Singh, D; Gupta, SK; Seriani, N; Lukacevic, I; Sonvane, Y; Gajjar, PN; Ahuja, R Mechanism of formaldehyde and formic acid formation on (101)-TiO2@Cu-4 systems through CO2 hydrogenation SUSTAINABLE ENERGY & FUELS 5 (2021) 564
63 Lakhani, K; Kansara, S; Gupta, SK; Sonvane, Y; Seifu, D; Gajjar, PN; Ahuja, R Dissociation of air pollutants on the uniform surface of pentagonal BeP2 APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 570 (2021) 151061
64 Singh, D; Gupta, SK; Hussain, T; Sonvane, Y; Gajjar, PN; Ahuja, R Antimonene Allotropes alpha- and beta-Phases as Promising Anchoring Materials for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries ENERGY & FUELS 35 (2021) 9001

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1 Prof. Kamlesh N. Pathak
2 Dr. Ajay Kumar Rai
3 Dr. Dimple V. Shah
4 Dr. Vipul Kheraj
5 Dr. Debesh R. Roy
6 Dr. Lalit Kumar Saini
7 Dr. Y. A. Sonvane
8 Dr. Shail Pandey
9 Dr. Dipika Patel
10 Dr. Mithun Karmakar
11 Dr. Himanshu Pandey
12 Dr. Vikash Kumar Ojha
13 Dr. Sharad Kumar Yadav