Department of Physics

List of R & D Projects

Title of the Project Sanctioned Amount Sponsoring Agency Duration Principal Investigator/ Mentor Status
Nanostructured Metal Oxide-Drug Assemblies and their Interaction Mechanism with Biomolecules: A Joint Experimental and First Principal Investigation for Possible Therapeutic Applications 18,30,000/- SERB-DST 2021-2024 Dr. D. R. Roy (Mentor) Ongoing
Group III-V Inorganic Semiconductor Clusters for Future Nanoelectronics Applications 33,67,513/- SERB-DST 2020-2023 Dr. D. R. Roy Ongoing
Microwave Plasma Interaction with Conducting Surfaces and its Effect on Plasma Parameters 10,00,000/- SVNIT-Seed Grant 2020-2022 Dr. S. Pandey Ongoing
Physics and Application of Plasma-Surface Interaction: Tuning Effect of Pulsed Microwave Electric Field and Electrostatic Magnetic Field 35,00,000/- DST-INSPIRE (Transferred from NITJSR) 2019(2016)-2021 Dr. S. Pandey Completed
Development of Novel Cluster Assembled Materials from Potential Cluster Motifs: A New Insight under Density Functional Investigation 27,69,594/- SERB-DST 2017-2020 Dr. D. R. Roy Completed
Novel perovskite-based solar cells: Investigation of potential properties using ab-initio approaches 30,09,000/- SERB-DST 2016-2019 Dr. Y. A Sonvane Completed
On performance of latest IRI model at low latitude station in Indian sector for the current solar cycle 29,80,000/- SERB-DST 2015-2018 Dr. S. P. Karia Completed
Spectroscopic Properties of Hadrons using Potential Models 6,55,000/- SVNIT-Seed Grant 2014-2016 Dr. A. K. Rai Completed
Fabrication of /metal Oxide semiconductor & thermal barrier coating using lanthanum cerium oxide nano particle 10,00,000/- SVNIT-Seed Grant 2014-2016 Dr. D. V. Shah Completed
Electronic, atomic transport & Vibrational properties of liquid semiconductor rites based alloy 5,63,854/- SVNIT-Seed Grant 2014-2016 Dr. Y. A. Sonvane Completed
Study of growth and opto-based electrical properties of CZTS thin films for solar photovoltaic applications 10,00,000/- SVNIT-Seed Grant 2014-2016 Dr. V. A. Kheraj Completed
Strongly Correlated Electronic materials, Topological quantum nano Materials 14,04,000/- SERB-DST 2014-2017 Dr. L. K. Saini Completed
A study of charges refractivity of the atmosphere prior to earthquake 17,22,000/- SERB-DST 2013-2016 Prof. K. N. Pathak Completed
Ground State Properties of Low-Dimensional quantum Systems 14,49,200/- DAE-BRNS 2013-2016 Dr. L. K. Saini Completed
Properties of mesons using QCD inspired models 12,84,000/- SERB-DST 2013-2016 Dr. A. K. Rai Completed
Novel nanomaterials: Structures, growth, electronic, magnetic and optical properties 6,00,000/- SERB-DST 2013-2016 Dr. D. R. Roy Completed
Development of anti-reflection coating for fabrication of superluminescent light emitting diode 19,81,000/- DAE-BRNS 2011-2014 Dr. V. A. Kheraj Completed