Department of Chemistry


• The Department of Applied Chemistry is a dynamic multidisciplinary research centre for research work in all fields of chemical sciences. The emphasis at the curricular level is to provide a broad coverage of all branches of chemistry in keeping with the interdisciplinary nature of the subject today.
•The Department of Chemistry was started in 1961 – 62, which imparted education of engineering chemistry to B.Tech.–I and B.Tech.-II (Chemical Engineering) students. In October 2002, Sardar Vallabhbhai Regional College of Engineering and Technology (SVRCET) was converted into Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT), Surat. Chemistry Department, earlier working under the aegis of the Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities, has recently started working as an independent department as a Department of Applied Chemistry.
• Earlier, about 15 Ph.D degrees have been awarded by the Department of Chemistry under the affiliation of South Gujarat University. At present 15 Ph.D students have been registered in the Department. Necessary research facilities and infrastructure are also available for the varied areas of research work currently undergoing in the department viz. corrosion, catalysis, ion exchange, polymers, organic synthesis, supramolecular chemistry, inorganic chemistry, nanomaterials, mass spectrometry, microchip and capillary electrophoresis.