Department of Chemistry

About Five Years Integrated Course of M.Sc Chemistry

The aim of Five Years Integrated Course of M.Sc Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, SVNIT Surat is to provide the key knowledge in Chemistry and laboratory resources to go on to multifarious career paths including academia, chemical industry, research lab, government, testing -quality assurance labs as well as other fields. This programme was introduced in 2007 and the course consists of ten semesters with continuous evaluation of the students. Curriculum of Five Years Integrated Course of M.Sc Chemistry covers various branches of Chemistry including Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Spectroscopy. The vivavoce conducted during laboratory classes and seminars and dissertation presentations were the hallmarks of this programme which provided the students with the remarkable experience to “stand up and deliver”. In addition, hands-on training opportunities offer the students for a future in professional research and development, further studies in Ph.D programme or chemist/scientist jobs in various sectors including chemical, pharmaceutical textile, and petrochemical industries. Currently, the programme accommodates 60-75 students with the laboratory classes running in batches with viva voce conducted with the same vigor albeit less frequently. The curriculum is kept up-to- date by revising every 5-7 years. Presently the students are admitted into this programme on the basis of Joint Entrance Examination main (JEE main), a national level common entrance examination and the students are selected from all over India. Students are received outstanding experience by doing summer internships and short- term research fellowships at various reputed National and International Research Laboratories. Further, graduates of this programme have been admitted into Ph.D programmes in various reputed National and International Universities and Institutes. From a humble beginning with a handful of motivated students, Five Years Integrated Course of M.Sc Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, SVNIT Surat has grown from strength to strength into a deep-rooted, fruit-bearing tree that is currently nurtured by highly qualified and dedicated faculty members. It will hopefully continue to grow and provide an excellent foundation for any kind of career of scientific leadership in academia and industry, which help to meet society’s pressing needs towards a better future to the community.

About Ph.D programme in Chemistry

The PhD programme in chemistry in the Department of Chemistry, SVNIT Surat provides students with the training they need to solve nano- and molecular-scale problems and to be successful independent scientists who can address the current challenges in chemical industries and societal issues. The Department of Chemistry's Ph.D programme offers to carry the research work in various branches of chemistry (synthetic organic, inorganic, catalysis, natural products, materials, ionic liquids, surface chemistry, bioinorganic, nanochemistry, supramolecular and computational chemistry, and C-H activation). The Department of Chemistry is an internationally recognized center of teaching and research in allied sciences. Currently, over 60 students pursuing their Ph.D in a wide range of research themes of chemistry. The Department is housed in spacious, modern laboratories, which are well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The Department offers a vibrant atmosphere to students and faculty to nurture the spirit of scientific inquiry and pursue cutting-edge research in a highly encouraging environment.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

Upon completing a PhD degree in Chemistry, students will be able to:

  • PO1: Gain deep working knowledge of the principles, analytical techniques, and critically evaluate current research problems in their chosen sub-branch of chemistry.
  • PO2: Design and perform independent research with novel concepts, leading to develop novel molecules and methods which help to provide solutions to various issues in society and to the environment.
  • PO3: Generate an awareness of the impacts and benefits of chemistry on the society and environment, and applications in multidisciplinary research.
  • PO4: Empower a critical thinking ability to conduct research studies in an ethical and responsible manner in their chosen area of research in chemistry.
  • PO5: Establish systematic procedures and regulations for new research opportunities and plan effective strategies which are professional development consistent with expectations within their research field.
  • Programme Education Outcomes (PEOs)

    Upon completing PhD degree in Chemistry, students will be able to:

  • PEO1: Attain systematic understanding of analytical skills needed to confirm structural features of compounds that make a new contribution to knowledge in their research area.
  • PEO2: Conduct themselves ethically and responsibly in science-related professions.
  • PEO3: Develop communication skills to communicate the results of their work to chemical sciences and multidisciplinary research areas in both oral and written form.
  • PEO4: Acquire deeper knowledge to establish as a fully independent chemical researcher.
  • PEO5: Conduct meaningful scientific inquiry necessarily means publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
  • Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • PSO1: Provide employment opportunities in various sectors including the chemical industry, research labs, Universities and academic institutions.
  • PSO2: Identify current challenges in chemical sciences and to perform independent research leading to new knowledge in their research area.
  • PSO3: Establish high professional foundations to be skilled in research laboratory and instrumental operations.
  • PSO4: Cultivate chemists with creative thinking-problem solving ability using scientific analysis.
  • PSO5: Produce graduates in chemistry committed to their nation and the society with spirit of truth and justice.