Department of Chemistry

List of on-going and completed Research Projects, Department of Chemistry

On-going Projects
Sr. No Name of PI Title of project and duration in Yrs Project No. / Date of start Amount sanctioned(Rs. Lakhs) Funding Agency
1. Dr. Ritambhara Jangir Wastewater treatment: Polyoxylometalates hybrids as adsorbents of organic dyes and 2022-2025 GUJCOST/STI/2021-22/3877 dated 1st June, 2022 25.2 GUJCOST, Govt. of Gujarat
2. Dr. Ritambhara Jangir Dye separation from waste water through molecular sieving membranes of covalent-organic frameworks" and 2021-2023 SRG/2021/000020, & 10.12.2021 28.50 SERB, DST, GoI
3. Dr. Subrata Dutta Development of autocatalytic enzyme-free nucleic acid amplification methods compatible with point-of-care diagnostics and 2021-2024 SRG/2021/001215, & 14/12/2021 31.81 SERB, DST, GoI
4. Dr. Naveen Togati Synthesis of Biologically Active Heterocyclic Drug Cores via Multiple C-H Bond Activation & 2021 - 2024 02(0449)/21/EMRII, & 15th May 2021 30.05 CSIR-HRDG, GoI
5. Dr. Ritambhara Jangir Ab initio Synthesis of Phosphate Framework Materials with Adaptable Properties and 2020-2022 Dean (R&C)/2020-21/1155 (Project No. 2020-21/seed money/25) Dated 08/12/2020 10.00 Seed Money Grant, SVNIT
6. Dr. Naveen Togati Strategies for the heterocycle’s synthesis: Art of contriving molecules via CH bond activation and 2020-2022 Dean (R & C)/Seed Money/202 0-21/1466 Dated 08/12/2020 10.00 Seed Money Grant, SVNIT
7. Dr. Arup Kumar Ghosh Experimental and theoretical investigations on molecular interactions underlying atmospherically relevant compounds & 2021-2023 2021-22/DoC/17 Dated 15/02/2022 10.00 Seed Money Grant, SVNIT
8. Dr. Subrata Dutta Paper based lateral flow assay to detect specific antibody and 2022 - 2024 Dean (R &C)/seed money/2021-22/11163 Dated 15/02/2022. 10.00 Seed Money Grant, SVNIT
9. Dr. Lata Rana Design, Synthesis and characterization of dioxidomolybdenum complex on functionalized graphene oxide for epoxidation of olefins. 2021-22/DoC/18 Dated 15/02/2022 10.00 Seed Money Grant, SVNIT
10. Dr. Areti Sivaiah Mimicking the Properties of Antifreeze Glycoproteins: Synthesis and Characterisation of Glycoconjugates based Supramolecular systems for Ice Growth Inhibition and Antifreeze Studies, & 2021 - 2023 Dean (R&C)/Seed Money/2021-22/11164 dated 08.02.2022 and Project number: 2021-22/DoC/20 10.00 Seed Money Grant, SVNIT
Completed Projects
Sr. No Name of PI Title of project and duration in Yrs Project No. / Date of start Amount sanctioned(Rs. Lakhs) Funding Agency
1. Dr. Smita Jauhari Development of model to predict the concentration of Radionuclides in Aquatic System at KAPS, and 2008 - 2010 2008/ 36 /59-BRNS/4005 19.25 BRNS, GoI
2. Dr. B. Z. Dholakiya Biodiesel Purification: Preparation of Novel Biodegradable Purification Material from Saw Dust and Development of Cutting Cost Dry Wash Biodiesel & 2013 – 2016 02(0170)/13/EMR-II & 21.10.2013 13.90 CSIR, GoI
3. Dr. B. Z. Dholakiya Synthesis of Novel Pyrimidine-(2, 4, 6)-(1H, 3H, 5H) Trione Based Anticancer Agents from Rasphanus Stavivus L. (Brassieaceae) as Plant Source and Algae as Marine Source and 2013 - 2015 GUJCOST/MRP/202042/12-3/ 04/1319 Date:18-03-2013, Government of Gujarat, India 2.00 GUJCOST, Government of Gujrat, Gujrat
4. Dr. B. Z. Dholakiya Towards Higher Generation Biofuels: Characterization, Material Compatibility, Storage Stability and Engine Performance and 2014 - 2016 GUJCOST/ MRP/ 2014-15/393 dated 30th June 2014 4.00 GUJCOST, Government of Gujrat, Gujrat
5. Dr. B. Z. Dholakiya Synthesis and biological evaluation of antrocinamomide C and un-natural analogues Dean (R&C)/1503/2013-14, 17.02.2014 10.00 Institute Research Grants, SVNIT
6. Dr. Suresh Kumar Kailasa Designing of Green Synthetic Approaches for Atomically Precise Nanoclusters for Dictating their Specific Interactions: Development of Miniaturized Analytical Methods, & 2017 - 2021 DST-EMR/2016/002621, 20.07.2017 35.04 SERB, DST, GoI
7. Dr. Suresh Kumar Kailasa Development of surface functionalized metal-doped nanoparticles as fluorescent probes for sensing trace level of heavy metals in environmental matrice, & 2015-2019 37(2)/14/07/2015/BRNS/10401 & 11.06.2015 31.31 BRNS, DAE, GoI
8. Dr. Suresh Kumar Kailasa Design, synthesis and characterization of functionalized nanoparticles with dithiocarbamate derivatives for selective sensing of pesticides & 2011-2015 Ref. No: DST/ SR/FT/CS-54/2010 20.90 DST-SERB, GoI
9. Dr. Suresh Kumar Kailasa Organic framework on quantum dots and their uses as fluorescent probes for selective reorganization of metal ions & 2014 - 2016 Dean (R&C)/1503/2013-14, 17.02.2014 10.00 Institute Research Grants, SVNIT
10. Dr. Suban K. Sahoo Development of novel supramolecular sensing systems using fluorescent quantum dots & 2014 - 2018 Sr/S1/IC-54/2012 & 13.05.2014 39.40 SERB, DST, GoI
11. Dr. Suban K. Sahoo Receptors design and fluorescent sensing of Iron (III) using functionalized QDS. Dean (R&C)/1503/2013-14, 17.02.2014 10.0 Institute Research Grants, SVNIT
12. Dr. Suban K. Sahoo Design, synthesis and molecular modeling studies of some biomimetic tris(hydroxamate)siderophore analogs 0057/2008 dated Sept., 30, 2008 17.56 DST-SERB, GoI
13. Dr. Naved I. Malek Microstructural Aggregates in the Task-Specific Biodegradable Surface Active ‘Greener’ Ionic Liquids & 2017 - 2021 UDCSR/MUM/CD/CRS-M-276/2018, 15.06.2017 6.30 UGC-DAE, GoI
14. Dr. Naved I. Malek Influence of alkyl chain length of Imidazolium based Ionic Liquids on Physicochemical properties of the Dimeric Surfactants & 2014 - 2016 01/2545/II/EMR-II 01/01/2012 12.42 EMR-CSIR, India
15. Dr. Naved I. Malek Chemistry and applications of green solvents: Ionic Liquids & 2014 - 2016 Dean (R&C)/1503/2013-14, 17.02.2014 10.00 Institute Research Grants, SVNIT
16. Dr. Naved I. Malek Ionic Liquids as the Property Modulators of Gemini Surfactants & 2014-2016 SR/FT/Cs-014 /2010 20/10/2010 17.85 SERB, DST, GoI
17. Dr. Kalpana C. Maheria Use of inorganic and hybrid sorbents / exchangers for removal of toxic metals from industrial waste water & 2015 - 2018 DST/TM/WTI/2K14/191 (C) & 23.03.2015 31.40 SERB, DST, GoI
18. Dr. Kalpana C. Maheria Development of molecular sieve based catalyst for green synthesis of pharmaceutics through multicomponent reaction & 2014-2016 Dean (R&C)/1503/2013-14, 17.02.2014 10.0 Institute Research Grants, SVNIT
19. Dr. Ketan C. Kuperkar Aggregation of amphiphilic copolymers in deep eutectic solvent-water mixed system and 2017 - 2019 UDCSR/MUM/ CD/CRS-M-234/2017/1002 Dated: 16/01/2017 4.05 UGC-DAE Consortium For Scientific Research
20. Dr. Rajender Kumar Functional Variants of Biomaterial Surfaces: Effect of Surface Functional Groups on Antibiofilm Properties & 2015 - 2018 YSS/2015/ 001184 & 09.11.2015 28.91 SERB, DST, GoI
21. Dr. Rajender Kumar Polydopamine based Nanoparticles with Antimicrobial and antiarsenic properties for water disinfection and Remediation & 2017 - 2021 EEQ/2017/ 000440, dated 29.11.2017 44.30 SERB, DST, GoI
22. Dr. Rajender Kumar Polymer-Graphene-Antimicrobial Protein Hybrid Composite Microspheres as Potent Biocidal Agents with Attract and Kill Protein-Metal Synergy & 2017 - 2021 SB/EMEQ-494/2014Dated: 04/09/2014 12.00 SERB, DST, GoI