Department of Chemistry

Head of Department

Dr. Jigisha Kamal Parikh

Professor, Ph. D.

Mobile No. 9998007325
Office No.(O)0261-2201647
Office Email hod[at]chem[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in


Dr. Smita Jauhari

Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Corrosion, Polymers and Wastewater treatment

Office No.(O)0261-2201965

Office Email sj[at]chem[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Associate Professor

Dr. Kalpana Maheria

Associate Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Synthesis of materials,Ion-exchange,Waste water treatment and Catalysis

Office No.(O)0261-2201966

Office Email kcm[at]chem[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr. Premlata Kumari

Associate Professor, M. Tech.
Research Area: Carbohydrate Chemistry,Synthetic chemistry, Wastewater treatment and Drug delivery system

Office No.(O)0261-2201967

Office Email pl[at]chem[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr. Naved Malek I.

Associate Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Synthesis and Physical Properties of Polymers

Office No.(O)0261-2201968

Office Email navedmalek[at]chem[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr. Bharatkumar Dholakiya

Associate Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Polyester resin for specialty applications, Biofuels-Ultra efficient biodiesel manufacturing

Office No.(O)0261-2201969

Office Email bzdholakiya[at]chem[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr. Suban K. Sahoo

Associate Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Inorganic, Supramolecular Chemistry and Molecular Modeling

Office No.(O)0261-2201970

Office Email sks[at]chem[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr. Suresh Kumar

Associate Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Miniaturized Extraction Techniques and Capillary Electrophoresis, Functional Nanomaterials,MALDI- and ESI- Mass Spectrometry, Plasmonic and Fluorescent Nanosensors,Biosensing, Bioimaging and Drug Delivery,Green and Environmental Chemistry

Office No.(O)0261-2201973

Office Email skk[at]chem[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ketan C. Kuperkar

Assistant Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Surfactant Science, Polymer Chemistry, Metal Corrosion, Waste water treatment, Materials Science, Soft Condensed Matter Computational Chemistry

Office No.(O)0261-2201974

Office Email kck[at]chem[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr. Ritambhara Jangir

Assistant Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Development of Covalent-organic Frameworks (COFs), Metal-organic Frameworks (MOFs), Polyoxometalates and Organophosphates, Fabrication of thin membranes using COFs and MOFs for waste water treatment, Biomimicking of enzymes,Crystal Engineering, Development of new catalysts for various organic synthesis reactions.

Office No.(O)0261-2201975

Office Email ritambhara.jangir[at]chem[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr. Togati Naveen

Assistant Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Metal Catalyzed C-H Functionalization Using Transient Directing Groups,Heterocycles Synthesis via C-H Functionalization, Metal Catalyzed Functionalization of Unactivated sp3 C-H Bonds, Photoredox Catalysis,Hypervalent Iodine Chemistry, Metal free C-H Functionalization

Mobile No.7893277713
Office No.(O)0261-2201976

Office Email t.naveen[at]chem[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr. Lata Rana

Assistant Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Synthetic Inorganic chemistry,Catalysis (Homogeneous and Heterogeneous), Bioinorganic Chemistry

Mobile No.8266805482
Office No.(O)0261-2201977

Office Email latarana[at]chem[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr. A. Sivaiah

Assistant Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Design and Synthesis of Molecular probes,Bioinorganic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Nano/Bio Sensors and Biomaterial applications

Mobile No.9515439907
Office No.(O)0261-2201978

Office Email areti[at]chem[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in
Personal Email aretichem[at]gmail[dot]com

Dr. Subrata Dutta

Assistant Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Synthetic organic chemistry, fluorescence dye for bioimaging applications, DNA and peptide-based catalysis

Mobile No.9099773533
Office No.(O)0261-2201979

Office Email subrata.d[at]chem[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr. Arup Kumar Ghosh

Assistant Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Environmental Chemistry,Computational Chemistry,Instrumentation,Spectroscopic Analysis,Atmospheric Chemistry

Mobile No.9073060145
Office No.(O)0261-2201980

Office Email akg[at]chem[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in
Personal Email arupchem87[at]gamil[dot]com