Department of Humanitites and Social Sciences

The recently established Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (DoHSS) at SVNIT, Surat reflects a strategic initiative to enhance the employability skills of engineering students. This department focuses on improving language proficiency among engineers, recognising the critical role effective communication plays in their professional success.

The department adopts a dual approach, combining academic research with practical skill development. Faculty members, well-versed in linguistics and language pedagogy, engage in research endeavours to improve language skills specifically tailored to the needs of engineers. This research contributes to a newly formed research area that addresses the unique linguistic challenges in the engineering domain. The department also offers foreign language courses to prepare engineering students for a globalized professional environment.

The Department is actively working to establish a state-of-the-art language lab. This facility will serve as a hub for language learning, offering students a technologically advanced environment to hone their communication skills. The lab will feature interactive tools and resources designed to enhance not only linguistic proficiency but also the practical application of language in engineering contexts.

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at SVNIT, Surat aims to significantly contribute to the employability and language proficiency of engineers emerging from the institute.