Hostel Section

Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT) Surat is residential institute and Hostel section of the institute is established to deal with all the matters related to accommodation, food and general wellbeing of the students. Presently, the Institute Campus has 09 hostels which include 07 boys’ hostel, 01 girls’ hostel and 01 hostel guest house. The activities of hostels are managed by the Council of Wardens (CoW) and Hostel Management Committees (HMC) of the students. Council of Warden includes the Chief Warden and Wardens of the hostels with Co-Chairman as the Associate Dean (Students Welfare) and Chairman as Dean (Students Welfare).

All hostel functions as an independent unit with respect to its internal administration under the overall supervision of the Council of Wardens and the Hostel Management. Each hostel has a Chief Warden and few Wardens, a faculty member of various departments. In addition to Hostel Section office, the warden’soffice is located within each hostel, where the hostel supervisors and wardens handle the administration of the hostel. The Hostel Management Committee (HMC) of each hostel comprises of number of elected student secretaries from the hostel that look into hostel-related issues. It is the elected representative of the Hostel which includes the Hostel Secretary, Joint Hostel Secretary, Mess Secretary, Sports Secretary, Magazine Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Technical Secretary, Environmental Secretary, and Welfare Secretary. The management of hostels is carried out in the most democratic manner with involvement of students. The CoWs plans the students' activities for the year, prepares the budget for sports, recreational and other social activities through the respective student secretaries, and runs individual messes alongside the Mess Committee in consultation with Chief Wardens and Wardens.

All the hostels are equipped with basic facilities like furniture, Wi-Fi/LAN enabled internet, Mess, and recreational facilities like fully equipped sports facilities, music rooms, magazine rooms and television rooms. Most hostel-level meetings take place in common rooms. The students celebrate festivals such as Ram Navami, SharadUtsav, Saraswati Puja, Krishna Janmastami, ganesh Puja, Holi, Diwali, and New Year’s Eve etc. The hostel day is organised annually by each hostel, where the entire hostel celebrates with food and music.

The Institute operates buses connecting the main gate to different parts of the campus, including the Hostel and Academic zones at frequent intervals. Students are encouraged to traverse the vast campus on bicycles or on foot. Use of powered vehicles by students is not permitted.

Anti drug declaration form

Hostel Information Brochure (2023-2024)

Tele MANAS - a toll free mental health helpline-Ministry of Health & Family Welfare I Tele MANAS: 14416, 1800-89-14416

Tele MANAS - a toll free mental health helpline-Ministry of Health & Family

Former Dean (Student Welfare)
- Dr. G. J. Joshi, DoCE
- Dr. R. A. Christian, DoCE
2013-2015 Dr. V. L. Manekar, Asso. Prof., DoCE
2015-2017 Dr. H. B. Naik, Prof., DoME
2017-2019 Dr. R. A. Christian, Asso. Prof., DoCE
2019-2020 Dr. V. H. Pradhan, Prof., DoM
2020-2024 Dr. Ravikant, Prof., DoME
1. Dr. V. L. Manekar Department of Civil Engineering
2. Dr. Y. D. Patil Department of Civil Engineering
3. Dr. Ravi Kant Department of Mechanical Engineering
4. Dr. V. H. Pradhan Department of Applied Mathematics and Humanities
5. Dr. H. G. Patel Department of Electrical Engineering
5. Dr. S. R. Patel Department of Chemical Engineering
Current Co-Chairman & Associate Dean (SW)
Dr. Rakesh Maurya,
Associate Professor,
Department of Electrical Engineering
Council of Warden & Associate Dean (SW)
0261-2201612 (O)
Hostel Name Chief Wardens Contact Details
Email Phone Number (O)
Bhabha Bhavan Dr. Arun Kumar Jana,
Associate Professor,
Department of Chemical Engineering
cw1_bhabha@svnit.ac.in 0261 - 2201650
Gajjar Bhavan Dr. Jogender Singh,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Chemical Engineering
cw1_gajjar@svnit.ac.in 0261-2201659
Mother Teresa Bhavan Dr. Premlata Kumari,
Associate Professor,
cw1_mtb@svnit.ac.in -
Narmad Bhavan (Girls Hostel) Dr. Premlata Kumari,
Associate Professor,
cw1_mtb@svnit.ac.in -
Nehru Bhavan Dr. Vikram P. Rathod,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
cw1_nehru@svnit.ac.in -
Raman Bhavan Dr. Achchhe Lal,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
cw1_raman@svnit.ac.in -
Sarabhai Bhavan (Girls Hostel) Dr. Premlata Kumari,
Associate Professor,
cw1_sarabhai@svnit.ac.in; k[dot]urvashi[at]amhd[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in -
Swami Vivekanand Bhavan Dr. A. K. Rai,
Department of Physics
cw1_svb@svnit.ac.in -
Tagore Bhavan Dr. Vipul M. Patel,
Assistant Professor,
cw1_tagore@svnit.ac.in -

Students are advised to contact at following details for the work related to the mess bill, refund, residential certificate, no dues etc.

Hostel Name Email Phone Number
Gajjar Bhavan & Tagore Bhavan hostel_office1@svnit.ac.in -
Mother Teresa Bhavan & Nehru Bhavan hostel_office2@svnit.ac.in -
Sarabhai Bhavan, Raman Bhavan & Narmad Bhavan hostel_office3@svnit.ac.in -
Swami Vivekanand Bhavan & Bhabha Bhavan hostel_office4@svnit.ac.in -
SVNIT Anti-Ragging Helpline antiragging_helpline@svnit.ac.in 0261-2201602, +91-9157907783