Department of Mathematics and Humanities

Sponsored Projects

Name of the Investigator Project No. Funding Agency Title of the project and duration Amount sanctioned
Dr. Urvashi Kaushal - Gyan-Adhyayan-Parampara (GAP) A needs-based approach to understanding the employability skills of engineers 50,000/- Duration: July 2021- Dec. 2022
Dr. Ranjan Kumar Jana - DOS, ISRO, Govt. of India Simulation and Land Data Assimilation to Community Land Model for Improving Rice Crop Dynamics 17,20,000/-
Dr.Neeru Adlakha BT/BI/25/001/2006 DBT Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility Rs.20,00,000.00/-
Dr. R. K. Jana Co-PI SR/S4/AS-97/2012 DST-SERB, Govt. of India A study on change in refractivity of the atmosphere prior to earthquake/s”, Rs. 14, 66, 200/
Dr. Sushil Kumar (PI) ECR/2017/003174 DST-SERB Computational study on multi-dimensional Stefan problems in biological tissues based on non-Fourier heat transfer model using mesh-free method Rs. 16, 20518.00/-
Dr. R. K. Jana EMR/2016/000351 DST-SERB, Govt. of India Extended Wright type Hypergeometric Functions Rs. 15, 15, 360/-
Dr. R. K. Jana AED/BPGS/EPSA/SES- ISRO Department of Space, ISRO, Govt. of India Simulation and Land Data Assimilation to Community Land Model for Improving Rice Crop Dynamics” Rs. 22,20,000/-
Dr. Twinkle Singh PI GUJCOST/MRP/2014-15/2561 (GUJCOST) Study on nonlinear partial differential equations arising in ground water recharge phenomena on fluid flow through media Rs. 1,10,000 /-
Dr. Twinkle Singh GUJCOST/MRP/2015-16/190/2516 (GUJCOST) Study on Megnetohydrodynamic flows under different physical conditions Rs. 2,00,000 /-
Dr. R. K. Jana as PI Dean ( R & C)/1488/2013-14 SVNIT-MHRD Data Assimilation methods in Numerical Weather Prediction Rs. 10,00,00/-
Dr. A. K. Shukla,Dr. R. K. Jana Co-PI 25(0239)/14/EMR-II CSIR Wright type Generalized Hypergeometric Functions: Inequalities and Applications Rs. 97,500/-
Dr. Jayesh M. Dhodiya as PI Dean ( R & C)/1488/2013-14 SVNIT-MHRD Solution of Multi objective Transportation Problem by Grey situation decision making theory Rs.2,00,000.00 /-
Dr. H. P. Bulsara as PI Dean ( R & C)/1488/2013-14 SVNIT-MHRD A study of mechanisms to develop Techno-Entrepreneurship Culture in the Students of Engineering & Technology Institutes of Surat region of Gujarat, India Rs. 800000.00 /-
Dr. H. P. Bulsara as Principal Investigator as PI Course Devlopment Project/ MHRD National Mission Project on Education through ICT, Government of India and IIT Kharagpur Development of Course in Pedagogy framework: Industrial Management Rs. 580000.00 /-
Dr. R. K. Meher as PI Dean ( R & C)/1488/2013-14 SVNIT-MHRD Analytical treatment and convergence of the Adomian decomposition method for Two-Phase Flow Processes in Heterogeneous Porous Media arising in oil recovery process Rs.5,10,000.00 /-
Dr. Sushil Kumar (PI) Dean ( R & C)/1488/2013-14 SVNIT-MHRD Mathematical modeling and solution of Stefan problem in biological tissues using non-Fourier heat transfer. Rs. 5,80,000.00 /-
Dr. Shailesh Kumar Srivastava as PI SVNIT/ SeedMoney/ 2020-21/1481 SVNIT-MHRD On Trigonometric approximation of Conjugates Lipschitz Classes Rs. 6, 84,122.00 /-
Dr. Indira P. Tripathi as PI SVNIT/ SeedMoney/ 2020-21/1480 SVNIT-MHRD On optimality and duality for Interval valued variational programming problems Rs. 3,80,000 /-
Dr. Sushil Kumar MTR/2021/0 00538 MATRICS Research Grant, DST, India Numerical Simulation of cancer treatment therapies hyperthermia and che-motherapy in multi-dimensional irregular domain INR 6,60,000/-
Dr. Saroj R. Yadav Dean(R&C)/ Seed Money/ 2021- 22/11146 SVNIT-Seed Money Research Grant Mathematical Treatment to phenomenon arising in fluid flow through porous media including dynamic capillary pressure effect INR 8,30,000/-
Dr. Vaishali S. Dhingra Dean(R&C)/ Seed Money/ 2021- 22/11145 SVNIT-Seed Money Research Grant Exploring the Impact of Global Oil Price and Innovation for Sustainability: Evidence From BRICS Economies INR 9,50,000/-