Department of Mathematics and Humanities

B.Tech. in Mathematics and Computing (Going to Start from the academic year 2024-25)

About the B.Tech. in Mathematics and Computing programme

Mathematics and computing are most relevant to each other which can step up to the challenges of the upcoming age of artificial intelligence and computer assisted technologies where a strong mathematics foundation is required. B.Tech. in Mathematics and Computing programme is perfectly blended with a formidable combination of mathematical and computing components that are in-built in the curriculum to meet the need of sophisticated mathematics in modern scientific investigations and technological innovations. The programme focuses broadly on mathematical part of computer science such as Algorithms, Data Science and Analytics, Statistics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Analysis etc., to boost the industrial growth and facilitate the mankind as well. The curriculum is designed to give the theoretical knowledge, practical training and industry internship. It offers promising career opportunities with high-salaried packages and is in increasing demand of the industry after such and similar programme in IITs in particular.

Programme Objectives

    The aims of the programme to fulfil the following objectives:
  • To provide a strong mathematical foundation to meet the challenges of mathematics and computer science in present era of the technologies.
  • To develop the abilities to identify, formulate and develop solutions to meet the computational challenges.
  • To inculcate the knowledge of deep understanding of algorithms, programming and their implementations.
  • To explore the applicability's of the Mathematical sciences in various domains of computer sciences.
  • To encourage the society to create the new opportunities for career enhancement.