Department of Electrical Engineering

Head of Department

Dr. Pranav B. Darji

Office No.(O)0261-2201571
Office Email hod[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in


Dr. S.N.Sharma

Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Mathematical control theory, Dynamical systems, Stochastic processes, Stochastic filtering, Algebra, stochastic differential equations

Mobile No.8866093530
Office No.(O)0261-2201574

Office Email sns[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr. A.Chowdhury

Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Electrical Machines Drives Power system

Mobile No.9374531710
Office No.(O)0261-2201575

Office Email ac[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr. R.Chudamani

Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Power Quality,Electrical Drives

Mobile No.9978005556
Office No.(O)0261-2201576

Office Email rc[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr. A.K.Panchal

Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Photovoltaic System Modeling & Simulation, Photovoltaic Power Converters and Control, Novel Photovoltaic Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithms, PV Power Applications for battery Charging and Grid interface, PV to EV- photovoltaic to electrical vehicles, PV Third generation silicon thin films deposition and characterizations, Novel Algorithms for Power Flow Analysis and Power System Stability

Mobile No.9924900336
Office No.(O)0261-2201577

Office Email akp[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr. V.A.Shah

Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Power Electronics & its applications Power system Hybride Electric Vehicles Micro controller & its applications

Mobile No.9426746336
Office No.(O)0261-2201578

Office Email vas[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr. H.R.Jariwala

Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Power system

Mobile No.9909015659
Office No.(O)0261-2201580
Office Email hrj[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr. Pranav B. Darji

Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Power System Dynamics HVDC FACTS Controllers

Mobile No.9099937256
Office No.(O)0261-2201582

Office Email pranav[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr. S.R.Arya

Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Custom Power Devices and its Application,Power Electronic Converters for high performance system, Electric Vehicles Technology, Control of Electric Drives system, DC/DC Converters and Soft Switching Technique, ]Power Quality and Optimization Algorithms, Soft Computing and Adaptive Algorithms, Distributed Power Generation System and Smart Grid Technology.

Mobile No.8511034177
Office No.0261-2201587

Office Email sra[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in
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Associate Professor

Dr. Mahmadasraf A. Mulla

Associate Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Electrical Drives,Power Converters,Power Quality,Renewable Energy

Mobile No.9825113488
Office No.(O)0261-2201581

Office Email mam[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in
Personal Email mamulla[at]ieee[dot]org

Dr. P.Kundu

Associate Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Application of Digital Signal Processing in High Voltage Engineering Partial Discharge and Condition Monitoring Electromagnetic Field Computation using Finite Element Method

Mobile No.9974556731
Office No.(O)0261-2201583

Office Email pk[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr. V.Mahajan

Associate Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: power system reliability, cyber security of smart grid, restructuring/deregulation, energy market, congestion management, power quality improvement, active power filters, FACTS Power system operation, planning and management Forecasting, Renewables in power systems artificial intelligence, machine/deep learning

Office No.0261-2201584


Office Email vmahajan[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in
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Dr. H.G.Patel

Associate Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Control systems Automation Stochastic process

Mobile No.9328460407
Office No.(O)0261-2201585

Office Email hgp[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr. Rakesh Maurya

Associate Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Multi-phase Induction Motor Drive, High Power Factor Converters, Power converters for EV battery charging, Resonant DC-DC Converters, Custom Power Devices, Power Converters for Power Quality Improvement

Mobile No.+91-9574109888
Office No.(O)0261-2201586

Office Email rmaurya[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in
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Dr. K.D.Mistry

Associate Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Power system

Mobile No.9904402956
Office No.0261-2201588

Office Email kkp[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]inin

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rajasekharareddy Chilipi

Assistant Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Self-excited induction generators, power electronics, wireless power transfer, power quality, renewable energy (solar, hydro), distributed generation, and active power filters

Mobile No.+91 82472 08518
Office No.(O)0261-2201592

Office Email rsreddy[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in
Personal Email rajasekhar55ch[at]gmail[dot]com

Dr. Sanjay Tolani

Assistant Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Digital Control of Power Electronic Converters Microgrid and Power Quality Electric Drives

Mobile No. +91 9005510586
Office No.(O)0261-2201591

Office Email sanjay[dot]tolani[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in
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Dr. Mahesh Aeidapu

Assistant Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Power Electronics Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems Optimization

Mobile No.
Office No.(O)0261-2201590


Office Email aeidapumahesh[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in
Personal Email aeidapu[dot]mahesh[at]gmail[dot]com

Dr. Kunisetti. V. Praveen Kumar

Assistant Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, Multi-level inverters and Application of Renewable energy to Electrical Drives

Mobile No.+91 9160919516
Office No.(O)0261-2201594


Office Email kvpraveenkumar[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in
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Dr. Gangireddy Sushnigdha

Assistant Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Control systems, Optimal control theory, Meta heuristic algorithms

Mobile No.+91-9167924418
Office No.(O)0261-2201595

Office Email sushnigdha[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in
Personal Email sushnigdha[dot]g[at]gmail[dot]com

Dr. Suresh Lakhimsetty

Assistant Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Multilevel inverters, Speed control Techniques: AC & DC Drives, High gain converters

Mobile No.+91 7702759430
Office No.(O)0261-2201598


Office Email suresh[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in;
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Dr. Akanksha Shukla

Assistant Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Load modelling for power flow analysis, modelling of distribution system, impact of renewable integration on power system, Electric Vehicle (EV) integration to the grid.

Mobile No.+91-9772131431
Office No.(O)0261-2201599

Office Email ashukla[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in
Personal Email shukla[dot]akanksha19[at]gmail[dot]com

Dr. J. Venkataramanaiah

Assistant Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Advanced Switching Techniques, Multilevel Inverters, FACTs Devices, Grid Tie Inverters,High power Converters

Mobile No.
Office No.(O)0261-2201596

Office Email ramana[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in
Personal Email jvenkataramana[dot]ee[at]gmail[dot]com

Dr. C.P.Gor

Assistant Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Multiphase Machines and Drives and applications to Electric Vehicles, Space Vector based Switching Control Techniques for Multiphase Inverters, Fault Tolerance and Detection, Artificial Intelligent Control Techniques, Power Converters for Electric Vehicles

Mobile No.9974005107
Office No.0261-2201589

Office Email cpg[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]ins

Dr. Basant Kumar Sethi

Assistant Professor, Ph. D.
Research Area: Energy Management System for Smart Distribution Systems such as Smart Buildings and Smart Homes, Power System Cyber-Security, Power System State Estimation, Optimal Scheduling of loads and Resources, Machine Learning Application in Power System Cyber Attacks.

Mobile No.+91-7008392721,+91-8342066783
Office No.(O) -

Office Email bks[at]eed[dot]svnit[dot]ac[dot]in
Personal Email sethi[dot]b9[at]gmail[dot]com