Department of Electrical Engineering


Testing of equipments and instruments as per specified Indian Standards, ascertain the quality of equipments and thus consumers interest is protected. At present Department of Electrical Engineering offers testing and calibration in following areas.

Sr. No. Name of Apparatus IS Referred
1 PVC cable, 1100 V grade IS 1554
2 XLPE cable, 1100 V grade IS 7098
3 Insulating Oil ---
4 Fluorescent Lamps ---
5 Conventional Ballasts ---
6 Megger or Insulation Tester ---
7 Micro-Ohmmeter ---
8 Electronic Ballast ---
9 Ratio Error and Phase Angle of CT and PT ---
Wheatstone Bridge
Kelvin's Double Bridge
Ammeter, Voltmeter, Wattmeter as per IS 1248-68
Energymeter (kWH meter) as per IS 13010 (for electro-mechanical type)
Energymeter (kWH meter) as per IS 13779 (for solid state)
Ratio Error of Current Transformer (CT) (upto primary current of 2000 A)
Department of Electrical Engineering has planned to add testing and calibration facilities to some more apparatus and instruments. They are as follows
Maximum Demand Meter
Electric Motors upto 15 kW (20 HP)
Thermocouple (Type B, E, J, K, R, S, T)
RTD (PT 100, PT 200, PT 500, PT 1000)
4 to 20 mA Transmitter
Frequency Meter
Distortion Meter
Power Quality Measurement for AC/DC regulated Power Supplies
EMC testing of electrical equipment
Development of Electrical Testing Laboratory at client's Premises: We will survey the plant and according to the electrical installations a your premises, we suggest the equipment and instruments necessary for customer's own testing laboratory.
Design of Power Electronic equipment: We offer consultancy services for designing microcontroller based power electronic equipment and PLC based control panels.
Energy Management: We conduct Electrical Energy Audit and provide solutions for the Electrical Energy Conservation and Management.
Other Areas in which consultancy services can be rendered are
Power Factor Improvement
Class room training to graduate trainee engineers in Electrical Engineering, Industrial Electronics, Instrumentation and Control.
Selection of equipment or instruments as per requirement of your plant or work.
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