Department of Civil Engineering

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Dr. R. A. Christian

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Civil Engineers play a vital role in providing the society food, fibre, and shelter, the essential needs of human beings for sustenance. It is well established that the economic growth and prosperity of any nation are directly dependant on the expanse and quality of infrastructure. Civil engineers, since time immemorial, play key role in planning, design, construction, operation, and management of vital infrastructures like housing, highways, railways, bridges, tunnels, industrial complexes, marine structures, water supply and drainage networks, trade centres, and many more. Aspirations of the society to improve its quality of life with ever-growing demand for access to economic opportunities in the modern times has created huge pressure on the policy makers, planners and executing agencies to not only create commensurate infrastructure but also to ensure its effective functioning. These challenges are further compounded by the constraints of use of the natural resources considering sustainable development goals to contain the phenomenon of climate change. Towards this end, the practice and role of civil engineers has transformed in this century to lead the developmental activities more comprehensively and collaboratively. Furthermore, today’s civil engineering graduates are expected to be aware of the principles of sustainable development on the one hand and application of artificial intelligence on the other to play their pivotal role meaningfully in their professional career.

The oldest discipline of engineering profession at SVNIT is constantly striving to undertake and facilitate teaching-learning process at its undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral programmes that can prepare the graduates of the department ready to take up the professional challenges in their diverse domains successfully