Research & Consultancy

Forms R&C

Sponsored Research Project
Form SRP 1.1 – Sponsored Research Project Proposal Submission Form
Form SRP 1.2 – Sponsored Research Project Registration Form
Form SRP 1.3 – Form for Approval for Opening New Bank Account
Form SRP 1.4 – Bank Account Opening Request Letter
Form SRP 1.5 – Sponsored Research Project Funds Re-Appropriation Request Form
Form SRP 1.6 – Form for Contribution to Professional Update Form
Form SRP 1.7 – Form for the Formation of the Project Manpower Selection Committee
Form SRP 1.8 – Appointment in Sponsored Research Project (Approval for Advertisement)
Form SRP 1.9 – Recommendation of the Selection Committee
Form SRP 1.10 – Appointment in Project (Approval for Appointment of Ad-hoc)
Form SRP 1.11 – Appointment in Project (for Up gradation Purpose)
Form SRP 1.12 – Appointment in Project (Project Staff Joining Report)
Form SRP 1.13 – Appointment in Project (Request for Extension)
Form SRP 1.14 – Release of Salary/Wages to Project Staff
Form SRP 1.15 – Form for Approval for conducting STTPs/Seminars/Workshops/FDPs/Conferences duly approved in Sponsored Projects
Form SRP 1.16 – Submission of Closure Report on Completion of the STTPs/Seminars/Workshops/FDPs/Conferences
Form SRP 1.17 – Form for Annual Progress Report (APR) and Utilization Certificate (UC) Submission
Form SRP 1.18 – Form for Project Closure Report

Consultancy Project
Form CP 1.1 – Form for Consultancy Registration
Form CP 1.2 – Approval for Appointment in Consultancy Project
Form CP 1.3 – Consultancy Project Completion Report

Administrative & Financial Approval Form for Patent Related Expenditure