Department of Electronics Engineering

Ph. D. Electronics Engineering

Welcome to the PhD program in the Department of Electronics Engineering. Our program is designed to foster research and innovation in various fields of electronics engineering like 5G communications, VLSI, Microwaves, Speech Processing, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Device-Fabrication, Sensors and Optics, Embedded Systems, Quantum computing and communications, Internet of Things, Wireless sensor Networks, and other areas.

Program Overview

The PhD program aims to develop research expertise in the field of Electronics engineering. Candidates will work closely with faculty members on cutting-edge research projects awarded by government agencies.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the PhD program requires a Master's degree in Electronics engineering or a related field.

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Curriculum and Course-Structure

The program includes course work, semester progress reviews, and research work leading to a PhD thesis. The program is designed to be completed in four to five years.

Faculty and Research Areas

Our faculty members are experts in various research areas including, but not limited to, embedded systems, signal processing, and telecommunications.

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Research Facilities and Labs

The department is equipped with state-of-the-art research labs that provide the necessary tools and equipment for advanced research in electronics engineering. The labs include 5G use case lab, IoT and Networking Lab, Quantum lab, Embedded System Design Labs, and others.

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Funding and Scholarships

Various funding options are available for PhD candidates. Institute funded (FIR) candidates will get ₹ 37000/- per month for the first two years and then ₹ 42000/- month from the third to fifth years (subjected to guidelines issued by Ministry of Education).

Student Life and Support Services

The institute offers a vibrant campus life with access to hostel, health center, libraries, and various technical and cultural events for students.

Contact Information

For more information about the PhD program, please contact the Department of Electronics Engineering at