Excess Fee Refund / Refund of Security Deposit

Required Documents to be Attached Email ID to Communicate
a. Fee Refund Form(Download)
b. Proof of Excess Payment including relevant receipt / Original 1st Semester fee Receipt
c. Photo Copy of Bank Account Passbook(SBI Only)

Note : Refund will be credited to your account within 30 working days, if your submitted documents are proper in every respect.
B.Tech.-I : acad_btech1@svnit.ac.in
B.Tech.-II : acad_btech2@svnit.ac.in
B.Tech.-III : acad_btech3@svnit.ac.in
B.Tech.-IV : acad_btech4@svnit.ac.in
M.Tech.I & II : acad_mtech@svnit.ac.in
M.Sc. I to V : acad_msc@svnit.ac.in
Ph.D. : acad_phd@svnit.ac.in