Committee - Central Library

The Executive Committee of the Institute appoints an Library Committee for the Library having members nominated from all Departments and Centers. Members of the current Library Committee for the Library are as follows:

 Dr. Parimal A. Parikh
Dr. Parimal A. Parikh
Former Dean, Research & Consultancy,
Former Head, Chemical Engineering Department,
Prof. I/c Institute Library,
Chairman, Library Committee

Faculty Advisors

Name Department Name
1 Dr. J.E.M. Mackwan Civil Engineering Department
2 Prof. T.N. Desai Mechanical Engineering Department
3 Prof. M.N. Bhusavalwala Electrical Engineering Department
4 Mrs. K.N. Jariwala Computer Engineering Department
5 Prof. J.N. Sarvaiya Electronics Engineering Department
6 Dr. A.K. Jana Chemical Engineering Department
7 Dr. Y.D. Patil Applied Mechanics Department
8 Dr. K.N. Pathak Applied Physics Department
9 Dr. Dhananjay Gopal Applied Mathematics & Huminity Department
10 Dr. Vipul A. Kheraj Applied Physics Department