M.Tech. Electrical Engineering (Power Electronics and Electrical Drives)
One has to earn minimum 60 credits over 2 years of course (Including dissertation work at industry/research institute) Results are awarded on scale of 10.
Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)     Programme Outcomes (PO)     Course Outcomes (CO)    

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)
Graduates will be able to solve engineering / industrial problems by employing various learning resources.
Graduates will be able to design products to meet social economic demand by innovative ideas, take up research and development work in the field.
Graduates will be able to communicate effectively through oral and written presentation of technical reports, adopting lifelong learning with integrity and ethics.
M.Tech. Electrical Engineering Course Curriculum
           M Tech Electrical - Power Electronics and Electrical Drives   |    M Tech Electrical - Power system   |    M Tech Electrical - Instrumentation and Control