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Department Vision
To be the leading department disseminating globally acceptable education, effective industrial consultancy and relevant research output.

Department Mission
To be a global centre of excellence in technical education and innovation producing competent professionals with integrity.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)(U.G)
Graduates will be able to solve engineering / industrial problems by employing various learning resources and modern tools.
Graduates will be able to design products to meet social, economic and environmental demand by innovative ideas.
Graduates will be able to investigate complex problems and take up research and development work in the allied fields.
Graduates will be able to communicate effectively through oral and written presentation of technical reports, adopting lifelong learning with integrity and ethics; and they will have interpersonal skills required to lead and nurture diverse teams.
Message from the Head of Department

The primary raison d’être of any department is teaching and our department carries on the great and reputed tradition of teaching established when the institute was a Regional Engineering College. To this end we have an undergraduate programme and master programmes in Power Electronics & Electrical Drives and Power Systems. We are likely to introduce a master programme in Instrumentation and Control by July 2020. Doctoral programmes are available in the realms of Power Electronics, Electrical drives, Control systems, Power systems and Renewable energy.

Research is also the focus of our department and is offered in various topics. In addition to providing regular teaching and consultancy services to industrial clients, projects of Department of Science and Technology (DST), Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB), Gujarat Council on Science & Technology (GUJCOST), Council of Science & Industrial Research (CSIR) are also executed here.

Teaching and research achieve heights only when there is an atmosphere of interaction, co-operation and discussion and we strive to encourage the same. To achieve this we hold periodic schools, training programmes and expert lectures under the aegis of TEQIP. Our teachers work for excellence and participate in various conferences and training programmes inside and outside the state.

I invite suggestions and contributions from all those interested in teaching and research with this quote:
“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is SUCCESS” – Henry Ford
R. Chudamani
Head of Electrical Engineering Department

The list of the HoDs of the Department
Sr. No. Name From To
1 Prof. A. M. DESAI 14-10-2002 04-11-2004
2 Prof. A. R. JARIWALA 05-11-2004 22-12-2008
3 Prof. (Mrs.) V. A. SHAH 23-12-2008 12-06-2011
4 Prof. M. N. BHUSAVALWALA 13-06-2011 07-10-2013
5 Dr. (Mrs.)A. CHOWDHARY 07-10-2013 07-10-2015
6 Dr. H. R. JARIWALA 07-10-2015 05-10-2017
7 Dr. S. N. SHARMA 05-10-2017 31-07-2018
8 Dr. D. P. VAKHARIA 01-08-2018 08-10-2018
9 Dr. S. N. SHARMA 09-10-2018 15-12-2019
10 Dr. R.Chudamani 16-12-2019 Till Date

Student Notice
Internship opportunities are available across the globe. Undergraduate students are encouraged to click the link and find their details. Visitors may send Emails at hod@eed.svnit.ac.in if they wish to add to the Institutions offering the Internship program for younger generation.

Internship for Students
Newsletter ArXives
The Department Newsletter is a quarterly compilation for the dissemination of information relevant to the Department. It contains Headlines, information about the forthcoming events and brief announcement if any. It would be an on-line archive of the Department.
The July-September 2019 Newsletter Quarterly: