Subscribed Journals - Digital Library
Sr. No. Name of Journal Publisher
1 Indian Concrete Journal ACC Ltd.
2 AIAA Journal AIAA Publications
3 Journal of Propulsion and Power AIAA Publications.
4 Physics of Fluids AIP
5 Physics Today AIP
6 Journal of Climate American Meteorological Society
7 Information Technology Journal Asian Network for Scientific Information
8 Multiphase Science and Technology Begell House
9 Bulletin of the Belgian Mathematical Society Belgian Mathematical Society
10 International Journal of Microwave Wireless Technologies Cambridge Uni. Press
11 Journal of Fluids Mechanics Cambridge Uni. Press
12 Journal of Optical Communications De Gruyter Publication
13 Journal of Commerce and Management Thought Diva enterprises
14 Journal of Information Assurance and Security Dynamic Publishers,Inc
15 Advances in Water Resources Elsevier
16 Agricultural Water Management Elsevier
17 Biomass & Bio-energy Elsevier
18 Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Elsevier
19 Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry letters Elsevier
20 Carbohydrate Polymers Elsevier
21 CATENA Elsevier
22 Cities Elsevier
23 Coordination Chemistry Reviews Elsevier
24 Corrosion Science Elsevier
25 Energy Elsevier
26 Energy Economics Elsevier
27 Energy Policy Elsevier
28 Environmental Impact Assessment Review Elsevier
29 European Management Journal Elsevier
30 Field Crops Research Elsevier
31 Geomorphology Elsevier
32 International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Elsevier
33 International journal of Sediment Research Elsevier
34 Journal of Hydro Environment Research Elsevier
35 Journal of Hydrology Elsevier
36 Journal of Engineering & Technology management Elsevier
37 Journal of Inorganic biochemistry Elsevier
38 Journal of petroleum Science & engineering Elsevier
39 Journal of power sources Elsevier
40 Materials letters Elsevier
41 Omega Elsevier
42 Polymer Elsevier
43 Polymer Testing Elsevier
44 Progress in Solid State Chemistry Elsevier
45 Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews Elsevier
46 Talanta Elsevier
47 Tetrahedron Elsevier
48 Tetrahedron Letters Elsevier
49 Transport policy Elsevier
50 Water Research Elsevier
51 International Journal of Geo Informatics  Geo Informatics International
52 Global Journal of Researches in Engineering-A : Mechanical & Mechanics Engineering Global journals Inc.
53 Global Journal of Researches in Engineering-B : Automotive Engineering Global journals Inc.
54 Global Journal of Researches in Engineering-D : Aerospace & Aeronautical Science Global journals Inc.
55 Global Journal of Researches in Engineering-I : Numerical Methods Global journals Inc.
56 Global Journal of Researches in Engineering-J : General Engineering Global journals Inc.
57 Journal of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures IASS Press
58 IET Journals  Package (24 titles) IET
59 International Journal of Data Warehousing and Mining IGI Global
60 International Journal of Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering IGI Global
61 International Journal of Information &  Communication Technology Education Inder Science
62 International Journal of Mobile Communications Inder Science
63 International Journal of Sensor Networks Inder Science
64 International Journal of Signal and Imaging Systems Engineering Inder Science
65 International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Computing Inder Science
66 International Journal of Ultra Wideband Communications and Systems Inder Science
67 International Journal of Information and Coding Theory Inder Science
68 International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials Inder Science
69 International Journal of Manufacturing Research Inder Science
70 International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management Inder Science
71 International Journal of materials and product  technology Inder Science
72 International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems Inder Science
73 Climate Research: Interactions of Climate with Organisms, Ecosystems and Human Societies Inter Research Germany
74 The Structural Engineer Institution of Structural Engg
75 Fluid Dynamics Research IOP Science
76 Measurement Science and Technology IOP Science
77 Journal of Computer Security IOS Press
78 Journal of intelligent and fuzzy system IOS Press
79 Hydrology Research IWA Publishing
80 Journal of  Hydro informatics IWA Publishing
81 Journal of water and climate change IWA Publishing
82 International Journal of Geotechnical Engineering Maney Publishing
83 Engineering News Record (ENR) McGraw Hill Companies
84 International Journal of Space Structures Multi Science Pub.
85 Nature Photonics Nature Publishing Group
86 Scientific American Nature Publishing Group
87 Nature Climate Change Journal Nature Publishing Group
88 Journal of Optical Communications and Networking OSA press
89 Applied Mathematics Research Express Oxford Uni. Press
90 Cambridge Quarterly Oxford Uni. Press
91 Contemporary Women’s Writing Oxford Uni. Press
92 ELT Journal Oxford Uni. Press
93 English: Journal of the English Association Oxford Uni. Press
94 Essays in Criticism Oxford Uni. Press
95 Forum of Modern Language Studies Oxford Uni. Press
96 IMA Journal of Management Mathematics Oxford Uni. Press
97 IMA journals of applied mathematics Oxford Uni. Press
98 International Mathematics Research Notices Oxford Uni. Press
99 Philosophia Mathematics Oxford Uni. Press
100 Quarterly Journal of Mathematics Oxford Uni. Press
101 Quarterly journal of mechanics and applied mathematics Oxford Uni. Press
102 Screen Oxford Uni. Press
103 Year’s work in English studies Oxford Uni. Press
104 SAE International journal of Engine SAE International
105 Asia Pacific journal of management Sage Publication
106 Urban Studies Sage Publication
107 Environment & Urbanization Sage Publication
108 Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites Sage Publication
109 Journal of Composite Materials Sage Publication
110 Structural Health Monitoring Sage Publication
111 Waste Management and Research Sage Publication
112 Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids Sage Publication
113 Journal of Entrepreneurship Sage Publication
114 Language and Literature Sage Publication
115 Communication Research Sage Publication
116 International Communication Gazette Sage Publication
117 Journal of Common Wealth Literature Sage Publication
118 The SIAM Journal of Computing SIAM
119 Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas y Naturales Series A. Mathematics Springer
120 Journal of Hydraulic Research T&F
121 International journal of River Basin Management T&F
122 Hydrological Science Journal (Jr. of the International Association of
Hydrological Science(IAHS))
123 Construction Management and Economic T&F
124 International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society Technology, Knowledge and Society, USA.
125 International Journal of Engineering Education TEMPUS publication
126 Journal of Resources, Energy & Development TERI Publications
127 TERI Information Digest on Energy & Environment TERI Publications
128 Transportation Research Record Transportation Research Board
129 Security and Communication Networks Wiley- VCH
130 Water Resources Research Wiley- VCH
131 Hydrological Processes Wiley- VCH
132 Journal of Bio-Photonics Wiley- VCH
133 Luminescence Wiley- VCH
134 Radio Science Wiley- VCH
135 Journal of Geophysical Research (Space Physics) Wiley- VCH
136 Journal of the American Water resources Association Wiley- VCH
137 Journal of Flood Risk Management Wiley- VCH
138 River Research and Applications Wiley- VCH
139 Irrigation and Drainage Wiley- VCH
140 Journal of Advanced Transportation Wiley- VCH
141 Wind Energy Wiley- VCH
142 International Transactions on Electrical Energy System ( Formerly known as European Transactions on Electrical Power Wiley- VCH
143 International Transactions in Operational Research Online Wiley- VCH
144 IEEJ Transactions on Electrical and Electronic Engineering Wiley- VCH
145 International Journal of Energy Research Wiley- VCH
146 International Journal of Climatology Wiley- VCH
147 International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning WIT Press
148 International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering WIT Press
149 International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering World Scientific
150 Journal of Advance Manufacturing Systems World Scientific
151 International Journal of Computational Methods World Scientific
152 International Journal of Humanoid Robotics World Scientific
153 International Journal of Reliability, Quality & Safety Engineering World Scientific
154 International Journal of Uncertainty Fuzziness and Knowledge Based system World Scientific