B.Tech. Electrical Engineering (Undergraduate Programme)
A well defined curriculum is essential to give a clear and concise overview of the core fundamentals of the subject. Students are made aware of the structure and layout of how the course instructor will proceed, thus giving them a chance to prepare forehand.
Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)     Programme Outcomes (PO)     Course Outcomes (CO)    

Programme Outcomes (PO)
By the time of graduation, students of the program will be able to
Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to solve problems of electrical engineering and allied fields.
Identify, formulate and analyse complex electrical engineering and allied field problems.
Design a system or process to meet desired environmental and social needs.
Design set of experiments, analyse the results and draw valid conclusion.
Apply the appropriate techniques, skills, and modern technology and IT tools necessary for engineering practice and research.
Realize the impact of engineering solutions to meet the global, economic, environmental, and societal needs.
Perform their duties based on professional ethics.
Perform tasks as a member or leader in diverse team and multidisciplinary settings.
Communicate effectively through oral and written presentation of technical reports.
Execute projects in the aspects of technical, financial.
Engage in independent and lifelong learning adopting advances in technology.
Serve in professional engineering bodies, institutions and industries with high organizational values.
B.Tech. Electrical Engineering Course Curriculum
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