Name and Designation Ph. No. (Office) Research areas & Email address
Dr. G. N. Mehta Professor 2201655 Research area: Corrosion, Corrosion inhibitors and Electrochemical techniques E-mail:
Dr. Smita Jauhari Head, Associate Professor 2201553 Research area: Corrosion and Polymers E-mail:
Dr. Kalpana Maheria Assistant Professor 2201793 Research area: Synthesis of materials, Ion-exchange, Waste water treatment and Catalysis E-mail:
Dr. Premlata Kumari Assistant Professor 2201544 Research interests: Carbohydrate Chemistry, Synthetic chemistry, Wastewater treatment and Drug delivery system E-mail:
Dr. Naved Malek I Assistant ProfessorD 2201794 Research area: Synthesis and Physical Properties of Polymers E-mail:
Dr. Bharatkumar Dholakiya Assistant Professor 2201794 Research area: Polyester resin for specialty applications and Biofuels E-mail:
Dr. Suban K. Sahoo Assistant Professor 2201544 Research area: Inorganic, Supramolecular Chemistry and Molecular Modeling E-mail:
Dr. Suresh Kumar Assistant Professor 2201793 Research area: Nanotechnology, Mass Spectrometry and Microchip and Capillary Electrophoresis E-mail: