Pearson eBooks

No. Name of E - Books
1 8051 Microcontroller By (author): Ghoshal, Subrata
2 8085 Microprocessor: Architecture, Programming and Interfacing, The : Architecture, Programming and Interfacing By (author): Kumar, K. Udaya;Umashankar, B. S.
3 8086 Microprocessor:Architecture, Programming And Interfacing, The By (author): Das, Layla b
4 Advanced Organic Chemistry : Reactions and Mechanisms By (author): Singh, Maya Shankar
5 Advanced Surveying: Total Station, GIS and Remote Sensing By (author): Gopi Satheesh
6 Analog Signals and Systems By (author): Kudeki, Erhan; Munson Jr., David C.
7 Antennas and Wave Propagation By (author): Raju, G. S. N.
8 Application Software Reengineering By (author): Alam, M. Afshar
9 Applied Electro Optics By (author): Desmarais
10 Artificial Intelligence : A Guide to Intelligent Systems By (author): Negnevitsky, Michael
11 Assembly Language for x86 Processors By (author): Irvine, Kip R.
12 Atomic And Nuclear Physics By (author): Sharma K Shatendra
13 Automata Theory and Formal Languages By (author): Kandar, Shyamalendu
14 AVR Microcontroller and Embedded Systems The: Using Assembly and C By (author): Mazidi, Muhammad Ali; Naimi, Sarmad; Naimi, Sepehr
15 Basic Civil Engineering By (author): Gopi, Satheesh
16 Basic Construction Materials By (author): Marotta; Coffey; LaFleur-Brown; LaPlante
17 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering By (author): Bhattacharya, S. K.
18 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering : For PTU By (author): Bhattacharya, S. K.
19 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering : For WBUT By (author): Bhattacharya, S. K.;De, Debashis
20 Basic Electronics By (author): De Debashish; Ghatak Prasad Kamakhya
21 Building Java Programs: A Back to Basics Approach By (author):Reges, Stuart; Stepp, Marty
22 Business Data Communications By (author): Stallings, William
23 C Programming Essentials By (author): Dey Nath Kasi;Bandopadhyay Kumar Samir
24 C: How to Program By (author): Deitel
25 C++ How to Program By (author): Deitel
26 C++ Programming Language, The By (author): Bjarne Stroustrup
27 cdma2000® System for Mobile Communications, The : 3G Wireless Evolution By (author): Vieri Vanghi; Aleksandar Damnjanovic; Branimir Vojcic
28 Cellular Mobile Communication By (author): Rao, Gottapu Sasibhushana
29 CMOS VLSI Design: A Circuits and Systems Perspective By (author): Weste, Neil H. E.; Harris, David Money
30 Compilers : Principles and Practice By (author): Dave, Parag H.;Dave, Himanshu B.
31 Complete A+ Guide to PC Repair, The By (author): Schmidt
32 Complex Analysis By (author): ITL ESL
33 Computer Organization and Architecture: Designing for Performance, CourseSmart eTextbook By (author): Stallings, William
34 Construction Project Management : Theory and Practice By (author): Jha, Kumar Neeraj
35 Course in Physics 3: Waves, Optics and Thermodynamics By (author): Pandey, Suresh Chandra
36 Course in Physics 5: Electromagnetism & Modern Physics By (author): Pandey, Suresh Chandra
37 Crafting a CompilerBy (author): Fischer, Charles; Cytron, Ron K; LeBlanc, Richard J
38 Cryptography and Network Security By (author): ITL ESL
39 Cryptography and Network Security: Principles and Practice By (author): Stallings, William
40 Data and Computer Communications By (author): Stallings, William
41 Data Communications and Computer Networks By (author): ITL ESL
42 Data Structures and Other Objects Using C++ By (author): Main, Michael; Savitch, Walter
43 Data Structures and Problem Solving Using Java By (author): Weiss, Mark Allen
44 Database Management Systems By (author): ITL ESL
45 Design and Analysis of Algorithms By (author): Dave, Parag H
46 Design Concepts for Engineers By (author): Horenstein
47 Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software By (author): Erich Gamma; Richard Helm; Ralph Johnson; John Vlissides
48 Digital Communications Test And Measurement: High-Speed Physical Layer Characterization By (author): Derickson
49 Digital Communications: A Discrete-Time Approach By (author): Rice, Michael
50 Digital Systems : Principles and Design (For Anna University) By (author): Kamal, Raj
51 Discrete Mathematics By (author): Akerkar, Rajendra;Akerkar, Rupali
52 Discrete Mathematics By (author): Babu Ram
53 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists By (author): Stein, Clifford; Drysdale, Robert L.; Bogart, Kenneth
54 Discrete-Time Signal Processing By (author): Oppenheim, Alan V.; Schafer, Ronald W.
55 Discrete-Time Signal Processing By (author): Oppenheim, Alan V.; Schafer, Ronald W.
56 Discrete-Time Speech Signal Processing: Principles and Practice By (author):Quatieri
57 Distributed Systems: Principles and Paradigms By (author): Tanenbaum, Andrew S.; Steen, Maarten Van
58 Electric Circuits and Networks By (author): Kumar, K. S. Suresh
59 Electrical and Electronic Technology : UEL By (author): Hughes, Edward;Hiley, John;Brown, Keith;McKenzie-Smith, Ian
60 Electromagnetic Fields : For Anna University By (author): Raju, G. S. N.
61 Electronic Circuit Analysis By (author): Rao, B. Visvesvara;Rajeswari, K. Raja;Pantulu, P. Chalam;Murty, K. Bhaskara Rama
62 Electronic Circuits Analysis : For JNTUK By (author): Rao, B. Visveswara
63 Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory By (author): Boylestad, Robert L.; Nashelsky, Louis
64 Electronic Devices and Circuits By (author): B., Visveswara Rao;K., Bhaskara Rama Murty;K., Raja Rajeswari;P., Chalam Raju Pantulu
65 Electronic Devices And Integrated Circuits By (author): Singh, B. P.
66 Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation By (author): Kishore, K. Lal
67 Electronics By (author): Storey, Neil
68 Electronics Fundamentals: Circuits, Devices & Applications By (author): Floyd, Thomas L.; Buchla, David M.
69 Engineering Communication By (author): Hart, Hillary
70 Engineering Computation with MATLAB By (author): Tanenbaum, Andrew S.
71 Engineering Drawing 2E By (author): Shah M.B; Rana B.C
72 Engineering Mathematics By (author): Croft, Anthony;Davison, Robert;Hargreaves, Martin;Flint, James
73 Engineering Mathematics - I By (author): Ram, Babu
74 Engineering Mathematics - II By (author): Ram, Babu
75 Engineering Mathematics I By (author): Rukmangadachari, E.
76 Engineering Mathematics II By (author): Rukmangadachari, E.
77 Engineering Mechanics By (author): Sharma D.P
78 Engineering Mechanics Combined Statics & Dynamics By (author): Hibbeler, Russell C
79 Engineering Physics By (author): Naidu, S. Mani
80 Engineers Guide to MATLAB with Applications from Mechanical, Aerospace, Electrical, Civil and Biological Systems Engineering, An By (author): Magrab, Edward B; Azarm, Shapour; Balachandran, Balakumar;Duncan, James H; Herold, Keith E; Walsh, Gregory C
81 Estimating in Building Construction By (author): Peterson, Steven; Dagostino, Frank
82 Evaluating Project Decisions: Case Studies in Software Engineering By (author): Hoover; Rosso-Llopart; Taran
83 Feedback Control Of Dynamic Systems By (author): Franklin, Gene F; Powell, J. David; Emami-Naeini, Abbas
84 Fiber Optics By (author): Hoss; Lacy
85 Fixed Broadband Wireless Communications: Principles and Practical Applications By (author): Hoss; Lacy
86 Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing By (author): Annadurai, S.;Shammugalakshmi, R.
87 Fundamentals of Electromagnetics for Electrical and Computer Engineering By (author): Rao, Nannapaneni Narayana
88 Fundamentals of Hydraulic Engineering Systems By (author): Houghtalen, Robert J.; Akan, A. Osman; Hwang, Ned H. C.
89 Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics By (author): Hanson, George W.
90 Fundamentals of WiMAX: Understanding Broadband Wireless Networking By (author): Andrews
91 Green Building Fundamentals: Practical Guide to Understanding and Applying Fundamental Sustainable Construction Practices and the LEED System By (author): Michael Montoya, PE, LEEDAP
92 Green Engineering: Environmentally Conscious Design of Chemical Processes By (author): Allen; Shonnard
93 Handbook Of Digital Techniques For High-Speed Design: Design Examples, Signaling and Memory Technologies, Fiber Optics, Modeling and Simulation to Ensure Signal Integrity By (author): Tom Granberg, Ph.D.
94 Intel Microprocessors, The By (author): Brey, Barry B.
95 Introduction To Database Systems By (author): Itl Educatinon Solutions Limited
96 Introduction to Environmental Engineering By (author): Mines, Jr., Ph.D., P.E., Richard O.; Lackey, Ph.D., P.E., Laura W.
97 Introduction to Feedback Control By (author): Qiu, Li; Zhou, Kemin.
98 Introduction to Geographical Information Systems, An By (author): Heywood, Ian;Cornelius, Sarah;Carver, Steve
99 Introduction to Java Programming, Comprehensive By (author): Liang, Y. Daniel.
100 Introductory Circuit Analysis By (author): Boylestad, Robert L.
101 IS-95 CDMA and cdma2000: Cellular/PCS Systems Implementation By (author): Garg
102 Jitter, Noise, And Signal Integrity At High-Speed By (author): Li
103 Lessons in Estimation Theory for Signal Processing, Communications, and Control By (author): Mendel
104 Machine Drawing By (author): Junnarkar, N. D.
105 Manual for Advanced Communication Laboratories, A By (author): Rani, Sudha
106 Materials for Civil and Construction Engineers By (author): Mamlouk, Michael S.; Zaniewski, John P.
107 Mathematical Methods By (author): Rukmangadachary, E.
108 Mechanics of Materials By (author): Hibbeler, Russell C.
109 Medicinal Chemistry 2E By (author): Sriram.D;Yogeeswari P
110 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers : For JNTU By (author): Das, Lyla. B.
111 Modern Control Engineering By (author): Ogata, Katsuhiko
112 Modern Operating Systems By (author): Tanenbaum, Andrew S.
113 Multirate Signal Processing for Communication Systems By (author): Fredric J Harris
114 Nanoconvergence: The Unity of Nanoscience, Biotechnology, Information Technology and Cognitive Science By (author): Bainbridge
115 Network Security Essentials: Applications and Standards By (author): Stallings, William
116 Neural Networks and Learning Machines By (author): Haykin, Simon
117 Object-Oriented Programming in C++ By (author): Lafore, Robert
118 Object-Oriented Software Engineering Using UML, Patterns, and Java? By (author): Bruegge, Bernd; Dutoit, Allen H.
119 Operating Systems: Design and Implementation By (author): Tanenbaum, Andrew S.; Woodhull, Albert S.
120 Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles By (author): Stallings, William
121 Practical Skills in Chemistry By (author): Dean, John;Holmes, David;Jones, Alan M;Jones, Allan;Reed, Rob;Weyers, Jonathan
122 Principles of Electric Circuits: Conventional Current Version By (author): Floyd, Thomas L.
123 Principles of Electric Circuits: Electron Flow Version By (author): Floyd, Thomas L.
124 Probability, Statistics, and Random Processes for Electrical Engineering By (author): Leon-Garcia, Alberto
125 Problem Solving with C++ By (author): Savitch, Walter
126 Problem Solving, Abstraction, and Design Using C++ By (author): Friedman, Frank L.; Koffman, Elliot B.
127 Pulse and Digital Circuits : For JNTUK By (author): Rao, K. Venkata;Sudha, K. Rama;Rao, Manmadha G.
128 Radio Propagation for Modern Wireless Systems By (author): Henry L. Bertoni
129 Search Engines: Information Retrieval in Practice By (author): Croft, W. Bruce ; Metzler, Donald; Strohman, Trevor
130 Signals and Systems By (author): Ghosh, Smarajit
131 Signals, Systems, & Transforms By (author): Phillips, Charles L. ; Parr, John M.; Riskin, Eve A.
132 Simulating Wireless Communication Systems: Practical Models In C++ By (author): C. Britton Rorabaugh
133 Software Architecture: A Case Based Approach By (author): Varma, vasudeva
134 Software Engineering By (author): Sommerville, Ian
135 Software Engineering: Theory and Practice By (author): Pfleeger, Shari Lawrence; Atlee, Joanne M.
136 Software Testing By (author): Ron Patton
137 Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering By (author): Raj, P. Purushothama
138 Solid State Physics By (author): Singh, R. J.
139 Statistics and Chemometrics for Analytical Chemistry By (author): Miller, James;Miller, Jane C
140 Strength of Materials By (author): Jindal , U. C.
141 Structural Analysis By (author): Hibbeler, R. C.
142 Structured Development for Real-Time Systems, Vol. II: Essential Modeling Techniques By (author): Ward; Mellor
143 Structured Development for Real-Time Systems, Vol. III: Implementation Modeling Techniques By (author): Ward; Mellor
144 Structured Development for Real-Time Systems: Vol. I: Introduction and Tools By (author): Brey, Ward
145 Switching Theory And Logic Design By (author): Rao C.V.S
146 System Programming with C and Unix By (author): Hoover, Adam
147 Systems Analysis and Design By (author): Kendall; Kendall
148 Theory and Applications of Digital Speech Processing By (author): Rabiner, Lawrence R.; Schafer, Ronald W.
149 Timing Analysis and Simulation for Signal Integrity Engineers By (author): Greg Edlund
150 Understanding Digital Signal Processing By (author): Lyons, Richard G.
151 UNIX Unbounded: A Beginning Approach By (author): Afzal, Amir
152 VHDL For Engineers By (author): Short, Kenneth L
153 Voice over IP Fundamentals By (author): Davidson
154 Wireless Communications and Networks By (author): Stallings, William