Welcome to Drishti

A place where "WE" comes before "ME". Drishti is a technical club of our institute where we strive to work with excellence and motivation

Drishti has been the driving force in igniting the young minds of SVNIT in taking up various technical projects. It boasts of providing a platform to the students where they can collaborate, carry out technical projects and can see their most creative and innovative ideas, and thus their dreams materialize.

About Us

Drishti is a technical hobby club of SVNIT that has been involved in all technical activities carried out in the college and is managed by Faculty Advisor Mr. R. P. Gohil, Dr. P. V. Timbadiya. Take the countdown timer for the Mind-bend and the sensor based electricity control system which is being installed in the various parts of the college, as the epitomes of DRISHTI projects.

What We Do

Drishti promotes student participation in nationally recognized technical festivals like Techfest-IITB and Kshitij-IIT Kharagpur. Drishti has also been representing SVNIT at the Asia- Pacific international robotics competition, ROBOCON since the last 7 years.

Why to choose Drishti

Here we welcome all novice ideas and innovations.All those with great ideas towards developing technology and technical advances for promoting society welfare are always welcomed here. Drishti inculcates the teamworking attitude. We strive to learn through projects and hope in building the better technology for the society.