ASME BPVC Code for Following Standards with 25 Licences:

SECTION I- Rules for Construction of power boilers

SECTION II- Materials

II-A, Ferrous Material Specifications (Two Volumes)

II-B, Non Ferrous Material Specification

II-C, Specifications for welding rod, electrodes & filler Metals

II-D, Properties (Metric)

SECTION V – Non Destructive Examination

SECTION VIII – Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels

VIII-l- Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels

VIII-2- Alternate Rules

SECTION IX- Welding & Brazing Qualification

ASKF 19 SLT(Self Learning Tool) with 15 Licences are as follow:

Vibration Analysis : (Level 1) “Basics of Vibration & Preliminary Analysis”

Vibration Analysis : (Level 2) “Vibration Analysis & Problem Diagnostics”

Vibration Analysis of Industrial Fans

Diagnostics of Cement Plant Machinery

Dynamic Balancing (Level 1)

Basic of rolling element bearings

Mounting of rolling element bearings

Dismounting of rolling element bearings & Failure Analysis

Vibration Analysis of rolling element bearings

Vibration Analysis of plain bearings

Vibration Analysis of Electrical machines

Operation & Maintenance of Pumps

Operation & Trouble shooting of Material handling Equipments

Analysis of Resonance related problems

Dynamic Analysis of Equipments & Structures

Alignment – Theory & Practice

Diagnostics of sugar Plant Machinery

Diagnostics of Power Plant Machinery

Diagnostics of Paper Plant Machinery