Role & Function of Anchor Institute Cell

Anchor Institute will provide technical support to the technical educational institutions in the sector across shop floor, supervisory and managerial level. Their functions will include:

1. To collect information on all the technical courses being offered in the state, considering need to upgrade and make it industry-responsive.
2. To suggest required changes in the curriculum in the courses at the degree level (both Undergraduate & Post graduate), diploma level and the courses offered by ITIs in the State.
3. To suggest introducing new courses as per emerging needs of industries.
4. To organize training programmes for faculty development. The training programmes will be planned in such a way that all the faculties, except persons retiring in next 2 years, of degree level, diploma level institutes and ITIs are trained at least once in four years.
5. To benchmark the courses offered by ITIs I Polytechnics and Engineering Colleges with international1 national standards.
6. To prepare teaching, learning and reference material for faculty training programmes.
7. To select and coordinate with nodal institutes at degree, diploma and ITI level and to oversee their performance.
8. To continuously evolve new training programmes based on the need of the industries in the state and improvements/ changes/ modifications/ upgradation in the courses based on the industry feedback.
9. To arrange faculty/ speakers from the institutes, industries and professionals for the training programmes.
10. To encourage the faculties for undertaking R&D and consultancy Assignments.
11. To continuously identify new areas of growth.
The Anchor Institutes will identify the trainers/ training partners to train the faculties upon approval by the SLAC.