Qualification : M E (Mechanical) Power Engineering
 Designation : Lecturer
 Department : Mechanical Engineering
 Date of Joining : 15|NOV|2007
 Experience : 8.5 years
Research Areas :  
 Courses / Subject Involved With:  
Research Publications :  
- Roshini R Easow and Mukund H Bade ; "DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING OF AN ENERGY EFFICIENT WATER COOLER" ; National Conference on Advances in Fluid Flow and ; Proceeding ; SVNIT Surat, India ; May 22-24, 2008
- P. K. Vijayan, V. K. Bhojwani, M. H. Bade, M. Sharma, A. K. Nayak, D. Saha, and R. K. Sinha ; "“Investigations On The Effect Of Heater And Cooler Orientation On The Steady State, Transient And St" ;  ; BARC/2002 ; BHABHA ATOMIC RESEARCH CENTRE ; January 2002
- P.K. Vijayan, M.H. Bade, D. Saha, R.K. Sinha and V. Venkat Raj ; "“A Generalized Flow Correlation For Single-Phase Natural Circulation Loops”" ; Proceedings of XVIIth and VIth ISHMT/ASME Heat and ; Proceeding ; INDIAN SOCIETY of HEAT and MASS TRANSFER ; Jan. 5-7, 2004
- P.K. Vijayan, M. Sharma, A.K. Nayak, V.K. Bhojwani, M.H. Bade, D. Saha, and R.K. Sinha, ; "“An Operating Procedure To Avoid Unstable Operating Zones In A Single-Phase Natural Circulation Loop" ; XVIth and Vth ISHMT/ASME Heat and Mass Transfer Co ; Proceeding ; INDIAN SOCIETY of HEAT and MASS TRANSFER ; Jan. 3-5, 2002
- P. K. Vijayan, M. H. Bade, D. Saha, R. K. Sinha and V. Venkat Raj ; " “A Generalized Correlation for the Steady State Flow in Single-Phase Natural Circulation Loops”" ;  ; BARC/2000 ; BHABHA ATOMIC RESEARCH CENTRE ; August 2000
- P.K. Vijayan, A.K. Nayak, M.H. Bade, N. Kumar, D. Saha and R.K. Sinha ; "“Scaling Of The Steady State And Stability Behaviour Of Single And Two-Phase Natural Circulation Sys" ; Proceedings of Technical Committee meeting ; IAEA-TECDO ; 139-156 ; INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY ; 18-21July, 2000
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  (i) Member of the institute software development committee (ii) Admissions counselor and Public relations officer for Centralized Admissions Process
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  Life Member of World Spiritual University’s Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation
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AUTHORISED ENERGY MANAGER and ENERGY AUDITOR: Qualified certification examination, “Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) Examination”, MAY-2007 as Energy Manager and Energy Auditor, certifying Agency National Productivity Council (NPC).
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